Monday, July 11, 2011

Speedy Spaceships

So, I just downloaded the 2011 Sketchbook Pro...and man, it's freakin' awesome! Only $59, and it's a major upgrade. Still lacks the breadth of Photoshop obviously, but for sketching, it's much more intuitive and sensitive to tablet movement. This recent update has added things like layer styles, text, and my tool of the week 'symmetry'...hence spaceships
Maybe someday I'll paint the others....

Speedy Sea Creatures

Inspired by our Aquarium of the Pacific visit on the 4th of July...all painted from photos I took that day. Didn't have time to paint live, there was just too much to taking photos and then painting is the next best thing, I figure.

This one below is my favorite of the week...

And one bonus painting I did referencing a stock photo book I found....go figure.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Speedy Nature

Watercolors this time around...paintng outside is always nice :) I'm trying really hard to balance all the digital work that I do everyday with some traditional art...I miss the textile experience of painting 'for reals' sometimes....not that digital isn't great too...but I tend to get lazy, because I can always hit undo....

Speedy Sketchy (but quite respectable) Ladies

Again, may have to go back in and play with color on some of these...

Speedy Crosshatch

Oh, the wacky crosshatch, how it calls to me....someday maybe I'll go back in and add some color to these...I like how a couple of them turned out enough to spend some time on them one of these days.

Speedy Jungle Madness

Last of this round...more to follow....immediately :)