Sunday, August 14, 2011

Speedy Canyon

Grand Canyon theme this week..yah things have been pretty crazy again...but SO HELP ME, I WILL GET CAUGHT UP! :) Some more traditional fun this week...all sorts of media, so here's the list

1. Acrylic
2. Acrylic
3. Prismacolor, then melted with turpenoid and some acrylic over the top
4. Watercolor
5. Watercolor
6. Watercolor
7. Digital: Sketchbook Pro

I think 3 is maybe my favorite for the to mess around some though. I've been dying to go back to the Grand Canyon for about 3 years now...I'm fascinated by the layers...and was particularly fond of the North side with the juxtaposition of more trees with the stone...anyway, maybe I'll get there someday soon!