Friday, January 13, 2012

Pretend People

Speedy Roadrunner

Love painting in the style of the epic Roadrunner vs Wiley Coyote. These were done in Sketchbook Pro in a couple of hours...made me want to watch cartoons. I love how simple the backgrounds were for those skits...nothing that could take away from the amazing physical comedy...but the starkness and graphic quality is just so fabulous.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Sketchy Musings

Well, the year is over...and I did make my goal...just not like I thought I would. I have in fact done a painting for every day of the year, if I count the the pieces I do at work that I obviously can't post.

Admittedly, the goal was to accomplish 365 paintings in my spare time, but with the constraints of the year, that didn't exactly happen. I did learn a lot this year though, and I think I'll keep going until I reach the 365 outside pieces.

This year my goal is a little more realistic. I'm signed up for The Sketchbook Project, which should be fun and it's just one book by April...a bit more manageable with all the other personal goals I've set.

With's some more art

Pencil melted with soapy water and prismacolor on gessoed paper.