Thursday, March 20, 2008

I've totally been on a Grand Canyon kick lately...I can't stop thinking about it...go figure. So, I did this piece yesterday using the pen tool in Photoshop. I'm going for the retro travel poster look. It's almost done, I just need to add the text...I'll post the final as soon as it's done. I'm pretty pleased with the way this one turned out, and it was fun to mess around with vector style again.

This is my original concept sketch for the Grand Canyon piece done with Copic markers.

Just a fun marker sketch I did while my husband was filling the car up. I'm madly in love with markers.

These are the first sketches I've done in a long time just for fun. I wanted to draw some pirates and so I did...the satisfaction of doing that really made me feel a lot better. I've been really burned out lately, to the point that I didn't even want to THINK about drawing...but doing some sketching just for fun really helped me get out of that funk.


MrSuspenders said...

I love the designy look of that grand canyon.

REM-Brant said...

Sweet face studies!