Saturday, January 10, 2009

Time to finally update with some new's been an insane ammount of time. But here's some of what I've been doing with more to follow soon, I hope :)

Moose texture for a project with Kelly Loosli. This was painted in Photoshop using hi-res photos I took at the Bean museum, and then applied in Cinema 4-D. Now the trick is to get it back into Soft Image.

Ah, the knot charm. Despite its simple appearances, this little thing was quite a beast. WIth a little bizzare-ly appropriate warping in the uv's though, it turned out all right. This texture was created with procedural shading and bump for the knots and wood grain/varnish, and painted textures with a hi-res scan for the chords and lettering.
This was for a fun thing online called the Harry Potter Fan Art project. I don't usually do much in the fan art genre, but this one kind of caught my attention. This was a pretty quick painting done in Photoshop using a watercolor-ish brush. Kinda fun.

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Scarlet Verdeja said...

nice hair! i love the texture it looks so real :)