Monday, February 21, 2011

Super viral update of doom

So, this time I got so sick, I was several weeks behind...but so help me, I'm going to have all of these paintings done, and be back on schedule. Here is week one....the continued fangirl many things that are awesome :) All of these are painted in Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop.

1. Han Solo...of course
2. Indiana Jones...what can I say, Harison Ford is awesome
3. Tangled. Loved this movie...should have been nominated for an Oscar...the animation was amazing
4. personal favorite interpretation was Lois and Clark
5. Stargate...SG-1 and no other...sooooo good
6. Background painting of a Kim Possible environment...such good design...and such good writing
7.Reboot....last, but never least. My original super fangirl anything....I loved this show and they're finally releasing to DVD next month! Long live Mainframe :) And maybe Bob and Dot will finally get together in the new movie.

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Heather Dixon said...

Awesome stuff. Love Han. Yay for Mainframe! (They make the Barbie movies. I love those so much and I'm not ashamed to say it.)