Thursday, March 17, 2011

Speedy Silhouettes

So, this week's theme is brought to you by my brilliant husband! At first, I blew off the idea thinking it was too simple...but I really was challenged to come up with a good composition for the internal shapes. Yey Benjamin for coming up with an awesome theme!

These are of my family
1. Mom
2. Dad
3. Kara
4. Spencer
5. Kristi
6. Steve
7. Papa and Grandma Loie
8. Grandma Barney

p.s. I did these two of Ben and me last year...but I figure with the rest of the family up I should add us too :) Maybe I'll go back in and add the white detail like the others                                           



Amelia Poll said...

You are, as ever, amazing :)

Heather Dixon said...

These are fabulous! What a clever idea.

Kristi said...

These are way cool! Well done!